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Overlooking Mountains

Hello there and welcome to my happy place. I'm Sabrina, a lifestyle blogger and food creative of Eat Wild Appalachia. I believe in living sustainably, simply and appreciative of  the world around us. I live in the heart of Appalachia and I'd love to show you around. 

My little family and I live off the land as much as we can with the long term goal of living completely off the land. We've still got a ways to go, but each day I learn something new and that thirst to learn is never quenched. My husband, Nick is the hunter of the family and he works diligently at providing us with the best meat the earth provides. If we don't harvest it from the woods, you best bet we know where it came from and that it lived a good life prior to its harvest. (yay farmers!) Most days you can find me in my garden (or dreaming of my garden), foraging in the woods with my babies or dancing in my kitchen to Stevie Nicks, Tyler Childers or some folky melancholic tune.

I have a heart for teaching others to eat great food on little money, getting their kiddos involved and restoring the heart of the family. I think that cooking is a form of therapy and that through it many magical things can take place. With so many souls going to sleep at night hungry, I think it's our duty to share as much knowledge as we know to help others. After all, if you're blessed you should build a longer table. I want to encourage women to nurture their families heart and soul. 

I believe in living intentionally, in loving intentionally, conscious parenting and raising my family wild and free. I believe in community, collaboration and lifting others up continuously. I believe our great nation can be restored through grace and kindness and I work every day to bring a little more light to our world. I believe in the good, I see the silver linings and I'll be there to offer a helping hand when you need one. 

So lets connect, lets collaborate and lets lift up Appalachia and its beautiful culture one day at a time. 

Sabrina McWhorter

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